Farmers remain adamant; Ignore Government Overtures

Situation assessment as on 14/12/2020 | Rs 800/-

Even as the Bharat Bandh (All India strike) on 8 December evoked a mixed response, leaders of the ‘Samyukta Kisan Morcha’ (Unified Farmer Forum), an umbrella body representing several farmers unions, unanimously rejected the amendments offered in writing by the government to the three contentious farm laws, calling them “insincere”. Meanwhile 15 Opposition extended support to farmers. The study analyses substantial concessions given by the government; that the reforms, by and large, are in the right direction; views in support and against MSP and the ‘mandi’ system; challenge to the ‘separation of powers’ principle; political significance of farmer protests, in particular on PM Modi etc


Situation assessment for the week ended 14 December  (3,244 words)

Price: Rs 800/- 

Date of SS: 14, December 2020