India - Pakistan: Analyses on Peace Prospects

Situation assessment as on 29/03/2021 | Price: Rs 400/-

There is growing speculation among Pakistan watchers that the cease fire announced by the militaries of  the two countries, was a result of behind the scene diplomacy and the involvement of the UAE. The study looks at pointers to a probable but unlikely larger peace between the two nations; that the ceasefire is a small but crucial  step; the possible motivations of Pakistan Army chief, Gen Qamar Bajwa,  offering peace and two possible scenarios as a result - that the peace process will not go very far or things might actually be changing; and that in any scenario, Kashmir remains the core issue.

Situation assessment for the week ended 29 March, 2021  (1,507 words)

Price: Rs 400/-

Date of SS: 29, March 2021