Afghanistan: India in a Difficult Situation

Situation assessment as on 19/07/2021 | Price: Rs 700/-

India has evacuated personnel from 3 out of its 4 consulates. It will take some doing for India to re-establish them. India’s investments of around $3 billion in aid and reconstruction activities are in danger of dissipating. At a policy level, India’s Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled strategy appears untenable. Thus, while in India is grossly affected, Pakistan appears to be the winner with Taliban at its side. The study explains implications for China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan; Minister Jaishankar’s suggestion to Taliban at SCO that it should work out a compromise based Doha process, Istanbul process and Moscow format; the structural conditions will continue to shape India’s Afghan policy; India’s options now; that its strategy must involve US, Iran and Russia; and that now, there are certain things that are clear etc

Situation assessment for the week ended 19 July, 2021  (2,362 words)

Price: Rs 700/-

Date of SS: 19, July 2021