Maoists / Naxalites: Single Biggest Internal Security Threat

Situation assessment as on 12/04/2021 | Price: Rs 800/-

At least 22 soldiers were killed and 31 injured by Maoists (also called Naxalites) in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar region which has been the epicentre of major Maoist attacks in recent decades. Several other states are also grappling with the menace.  Naxal/Maoist violence has claimed more than 12,000 lives. The study examines the government strategy  that includes fighting an ideology, backwardness and poverty; this strategy needing a reset; origins of the movement etc. The study includes an expert Comment on RE-CALIBRATING STRATEGIES TO COMBAT MAOISTS’ VIOLENCE.

Situation assessment for the week ended 12 April, 2021  (3,484 words)

Price: Rs 800/-

Date of SS: 12, April 2021