Quad Summit: A New Narrative

Situation assessment as on 22/03/2021 | Price: Rs 600/-

The first summit of the Quad involving India, Australia, Japan and the United States has improved its long-term political prospects.   Even as China has dismissed the Quad as the ‘Asian NATO’, the 4 leaders  have made it clear that it is neither a military alliance nor an anti-China coalition. The study underscores  a commitment for an open Indo-Pacific, cooperation on Covid vaccine production and on climate change. It argues that it is a strategic boost for India; that it could compromise India’s strategic autonomy and relations with BRICS; cautions on a China focus; India’s insistence on an inclusive approach;  a new ‘minilateral’ taking shape; that militarism is in the air in the Indo-Pacific; that Quad cannot function as a goodwill club of democracies;  view that the joint statement is ‘tantamount to the declaration of the New Cold War between the US and its allies and China’; and that outcomes merit close attention for at least five reasons.

Situation assessment for the week ended 22 March, 2021  (2,528 words)

Price: Rs 600/-

Date of SS: 22, March 2021