Agnipath: New Recruitment Plan for Armed Forces - Analyses

Situation assessment as on 20/06/2022 | Price: Rs 500/-

Protests  broke out after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Tuesday unveiled a new recruitment scheme for armed forces, called ‘Agnipath’. The study explains the  scheme in detail; analyses potential to create a better trained, more committed fighting force; lists out benefits in detail; issues posed by experts including policy flaws like quality of human resources, inadequate training, that regimental system could suffer; a contrary view that  the scheme should serve  India’s goals in war & peace like merit based recruitment, competitive environment for the top 25%, disciplining youth etc.

Situation assessment for the week ended 20 June, 2022  (3,259 words)

Price: Rs 500/-

Date of SS: 20 June, 2022