About Us

Asia News Agency (ANA) is the original and only diplomatic news consultancy service in India and South Asia. ANA has been serving the diplomatic community based in India as well as abroad since 1972. Among its clients are the Ambassadors and High Commissioners of almost all embassies based in India. Indian embassies across the world also utilize the services of ANA.

ANA was founded by late Mr. F.C. Ahluwalia who had the vision to assess the needs of the India based diplomatic community and provide them with focused services. The agency has evolved since then by interacting with diplomats, fine-tuning its services to match their requirements and delivering the highest quality editorial content. ANA’s objective is to present facts and analysis about India, in a manner that enables clients to form their own opinion.

Our editors and research scholars look beyond headlines and explore developments that are reshaping India in relation to its internal and external environment.

Late Mr. J.N. Dixit, former Indian Foreign Secretary and National Security Advisor, was the Chairman of the Editorial Board.

The Managing Editor is Rajiv Walia,  with more than 40 years of experience with the Government of India and the United Nations.

The Chief Editorial Consultant is Mr. Amulya Ganguli, a well-known analyst. Other Editorial Consultants include J Mohan Malik, well-known China and Asia analyst; Vibhavasu Tiwari, journalist with more than 45 years experience, N C Bipendra, known defence analyst.    

Asia News Agency has a definite brand recognition and credibility built over four decades.