News behind the News is a weekly journal published by Asia News Agency. It is structured to suit the needs of the India based diplomatic community. It analyses week after week, key issues and developments taking place in respect of India’s polity; issues concerning India’s economic, fiscal and financial policies; India’s relations with its neighbours and with the world community; India’s Defence and Space policy etc. It explains developments in these areas while providing an overview and analyses of all significant issues concerning India and South Asia.

Apart from the diplomatic community, foreign news agencies, correspondents, commercial departments and trade representatives of embassies and multinational companies are subscribers of NbN. Late Mr. J. N. Dixit, former Foreign Secretary was the Chairman of the Editorial Board until he became the National Security Advisor. The present Editorial Consultant is Mr. Amulya Ganguli, a well-known analyst and writer.

NbN presents Opinions, Comments and Special Features by senior editorial staff and known experts – every week – on issues of national and international importance. The journal also carries opinions from foreign diplomats and visiting delegations in India through the ‘Face to Face’ interview section.

NbN’s credibility comes from various factors. It explains news and its implications as it takes place; it interprets news in a manner that keeps the requirements of the diplomats in mind and that is, without any editorial bias. NbN’s standard manner of presenting a situation or an issue is to provide the reader with all significant views leaving it to them to make their final interpretation.

NbN collects, collates and processes information on up to a hundred different issues of significance every week under the following chapters:

  • Indian political mainstream: Political developments, nuances of Indian polity, dynamics of the ruling, opposition and regional parties, Centre and States relations, situation reports on Kashmir and other insurgency ridden states, etc.
  • Defence and space diary: Security related developments, security scenario in South Asia, nuclear balance of terror, development and induction of new weapon systems. India’s space programme, development of indigenous satellites & launch vehicles, etc.
  • India in the international kaleidoscope: Major international developments where Indian interests are concerned, India's policy responses to the emerging new world order, India's relations with the international community, Indian policy position on the Gulf, West Asia, Africa, Europe, etc., India's views to control regimes, coverage on visits of foreign dignitaries, etc.
  • India and its neighbours: Major foreign policy developments, relations with neighbours and responses to regional conflicts, assessments of the security scenario in South Asia, role and influence of foreign powers, internal developments in neighbouring countries, etc.
  • Indian economic panorama: Major economic and financial developments, economic reforms, opening of various sectors, investment opportunities, international trade, policy developments, EXIM policies, economic and financial indicators, etc.


We are proud of our extensive reach within almost the "entire" India-based diplomatic community including:
  • Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Charge d' Affaires, Counsellors, Defence Advisors, Trade Commissioners, etc.
  • Various departments within embassies, viz. Political, Press, Defence, Economic, Cultural, etc.
  • Key opinion makers such as Ministers, Legislators, etc, through their missions.
NbN's readership extends to:
  • Key ministries including MEA, PMO, Cabinet Secretariat etc.
  • Major libraries like the US Library of Congress, which has been granted permission to microfiche NbN for use by Congressmen,Senators and research students.
  • UN and International agencies.
  • Foreign news agencies, industrial bodies (chambers of commerce), FIIs, MNCs, Research houses (such as Citibank), business centres of major hotels and clubs.
  • Select Indian missions abroad.