Mr. Saparbek Tuyakbayev, Chairman of the Management Board of “KAZAKH INVEST”

Mr. Saparbek Tuyakbayev, Chairman of the Management Board of “KAZAKH INVEST”

ANA. Welcome to India, Mr. Saparbek Tuyakbayev. The Embassy of Kazakhstan along with “KAZAKH INVEST” National Company and FICCI organised the Kazakh-Indian Investment Forum in Delhi on Nov 12-14. Excellency, could you please enlighten our viewers on

the background and objectives of the event.

Of course. Th is event is part of long-term commitment by Kazakhstan to enhance bilateral relations and expand business ties with India and comes in advance of an offi cial visit by Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev to India in 2019.

Understandably, Kazakhstan is looking to continue to benefit from an infl ux of Indian based investment to our country which has grown substantially over the last decade. I hope that this event will help to encourage even greater numbers of Indian businesses to capitalize on Kazakhstan’s strategic location, favorable business
climate and highly-skilled workforce.

The Kazakh-Indian Investment Forum, which was held in New Delhi on November 14 was attended by India’s Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of External Aff airs, as well as representatives from major Indian companies.

Th e forum, which was co-hosted by Kazakh Invest, the national company for attracting inward investment to Kazakhstan, included a plenary session and themed sessions, during which Kazakh entrepreneurs described the investment projects that are currently
underway in the country.

The event was supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in India, the Co-Chairman of the Business Council of Kazakhstan-India, the Chairman of the Board of Tengri-Bank E. Shaikenova, theb Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, G. Hinduja, FACOR Global PTE.LTD and
Ashish SHARAF.

Kazakhstan is an attractive and business-savvy choice for Indian investors looking to partner with a reliable and ambitious regional neighbor. Kazakhstan is the most successful economy to emerge from the dissolution of the Soviet Union just over 25 years ago and our nation’s recent privatisation programme is the most ambitious to date.

ANA. Excellency, could you inform us of the major outcomes of the event. Did they, in your opinion, meet the objectives of the Invest Forum?

The investment forum was a huge success. It presented a unique opportunity for Indian and Kazakh businesses to connect, share knowledge and discuss opportunities for greater collaboration. Over 50 multinational Indian companies were in attendance, all of whom expressed an interest in exploring avenues for greater co-operation with their Kazakh counterparts.

There are countless opportunities for Indian business owners available in Kazakhstan and extend far beyond Kazakhstan’s borders. For business, Kazakhstan off ers preferential access to a regional marketplace of 500 million consumers in the international markets of the Eurasian Economic Union, Europe, and China.

Attendees of the event learned that Kazakh Invest had developed a package of 70 specialist projects that are earmarked for international investment. Th e projects, developed in conjunction with Deloitte, come with fi nancial models, feasibility studies, and marketing strategies already complete to enable investors to make informed business decisions.