Current Issue: News behind The News – 04 January, 2021



  • “Mutual Consensus” on Minor demands : Stalemate on major demands
  • ‘Love Jihad’ Ordinance: What some analysts say
  • 2020: The year that was - Domestic issues
  • Jammu and Kashmir: Preparing for an exit plan as situation stabilises


Expert Comments

  • Farmers’ Stir: Will the State Show Compassion?
  • Kashmir's local polls only half a step forward towards normality
  • Forging Farmer-Student Solidarity: Joining hands to Strengthen Participatory Democracy



  • India approves export of Akash Missile system
  • Maiden Flight Trial of Sahayak-Ng, Air Droppable container
  • Bel to Supply Laser Dazzlers to Indian Navy
  • Bel to Supply 10 Indigenously Lynx U2 Fire Control Systems for Indian Navy


Expert Comments

  • Confronting an “Assertive” China: Nearly all Roads Lead to Taiwan
  • India Vietnam Relations on an Even Keel but need a Push



  • India - China : Future Challenges
  • EXPERT ANALYSES: A Two-front Challenge frm China-Pakistan
  • India - China : Travel Curbs
  • EXPERT ANALYSES: India - Nepal: China Intervenes while India stays out of Nepal's Internal Affairs


Expert Comments

  • Is China Orchestrating Afghanistan future through its Proxies?



  • Dealing with the new ‘Gated Globalisation’ framework
  • Brexit: India now needs a Trade Strategy
  • India - Australia: Economic Strategy


Expert Comments



  • Indian Economy ‘Most Resilient' in South and South-West Asia: UNESCAP
  • Positive Outlook for Economy and Equity Markets in 2021


State of the Economy

  • Key indicators in November show economic recovery still slow
  • India set to increase spending in Budget 2021
  • Improvement in tax collection
  • April-November fiscal deficit is 135% of full-year target



  • Industry sustains performance gains: Survey
  • Core industries' output contracts 2.6% in November
  • Big growth estimated in e-commerce in 2021



  • Implementation of 4 labour codes from April  2021



  • Exports may reach $290 bn by fiscal-end: FIEO


Economic Notes