Afghanistan: India Must Take into Account Ground Realities

Situation assessment as on 22/03/2021 | Price: Rs 300/-

The US has recommended India to be part of a UN-led deliberation hosted by Turkey  that includes the US, Pakistan,  Iran, Russia and China. In other words the ‘Doha process’ will become the ‘Istanbul process’. But the Russians, initially at least, did not want India to be part of the process. The study observes the US to be  a ‘reluctant superpower’ and India a ‘reticent regional power’. It argues for India to talk to  Taliban; possibly an opportunity for India to send troops to Afghanistan as part of the UN contingent; about the impractical UN peace plan.

Situation assessment for the week ended 22 March, 2021  (988 words)

Price: Rs 300/-

Date of SS: 22, March 2021