Afghanistan: India on High Table but with Limited Options

Situation assessment as on 15/03/2021 | Price: Rs 500/-

The US has recommended to include India in the UN-led six-party platform on Afghanistan.  This is based on the fact that India will play a critical role as head of the Taliban sanctions committee, or the 1988 sanctions committee, in the UN Security Council. As the chair of this committee, India will be able to monitor the conduct of Taliban leaders, some of whom are based out of Pakistan and backed by Pakistan. The study examines Russia’s U-turn on India’s inclusion; elements of the draft ‘Afghanistan peace agreement’ of the US; concerns for India as Pakistan could make gains; the suggestion that India should directly engage with leaders who will determine the future course; India options are circumscribed by mutated regional geopolitics’.

Situation assessment for the week ended 15 March, 2021  (2,088 words)

Price: Rs 500/-

Date of SS: 15, March 2021