Farmers and Government, Both Firm

Situation assessment as on 21/12/2020 | Price: Rs 800/-

Protesting farmer and the government, both have hardened their respective stances on the contentious farm laws. While farmers are firm that the three laws be repealed, the government has stayed firm even as it has never stopped to explain their benefits.  The latest overture to farmers came from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who strongly reiterated commitment to the welfare of farmers and explained how the three farm laws are a step towards making their lives better. The study explains the nuances in government’s strategy; Supreme Court’s intervention; the politics of farm laws; arguments for and against corporates in agriculture; the real problem of declining farmer income and declining state support; implementation of “agrarian transition”  without hurting farmers etc


Situation assessment for the week ended 21 December  (3,407 words)

Price: Rs 800/-

Date of SS: 21, December 2020