India - Pakistan: NGOs used for Exporting Terror


India - Pakistan: NGOs used for Exporting Terror

Pakistan is believed to be manipulating global civil society and human rights organisations into indirectly supporting secessionist movements in India. Financial trails and other digital evidence indicate its  real designs.

On November 22, 2021, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), arrested Khurram Parvez who through his organisation called Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) worked as a Pakistani conduit for close to two decades, aiding in recruiting local Kashmiris as militants and financing them.

Searches at his house and office in Srinagar, revealed the lead role Parvez played over the years in recruiting Indian operatives/over ground workers (OGWs) for Pak-based terrorist groups. Involvement of these operatives in espionage of Army installations, identification of potential locations for attacks in India are also being probed. Some of these operatives were reportedly tasked to hire more associates in various states of India, including J&K, West Bengal, Bihar and Delhi.

Several fake NGOs were opened under JKCCS which were used as additional avenues for receiving foreign funds and managing black money.

Following Parvez's arrest, Pakistani agencies have been approaching international human rights agencies appealing for his release.


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